My job… it’s just Fonts

Jake Giltsoff is a designer and typographer. For over a decade he’s worked in the world of design across disciplines and media, always with a focus on type. Currently he works for Adobe on the Adobe Fonts team as a staff experience designer driving font discovery and typography tooling experiences used by millions of people. Some highlights include working on the rebranding of Adobe Fonts, auto-activation of missing fonts, and kickstarting the typography system for Spectrum, Adobe’s design system.

Previously he studied typography and graphic communication at the University of Reading. He’s written for publications and given talks, workshops, and lectures around the world. He also runs a blog and newsletter called Make Type Work where he shares tips and tricks to help build creative confidence working with text.

Originally from Bristol, England, Jake currently lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife, dog, and numerous house plants. He’s into playing pickleball, CrossFit, baking, and reading.