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Hi! I’m Jake — I care about empowering people, fostering communities, and designing experiences to enable creative communication.

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Jake Giltsoff


Experience Design Manager

Adobe Creative Cloud Services
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Since 2014 I’ve been designing experiences at Adobe for Creative Cloud. Over those years I’ve been able to play a role in many different areas of design — starting with web design and development, and printed marketing materials, to where I have spent the majority of my tenure designing software UI/UX for creative applications on desktop, mobile, and web. I now manage and lead the design teams for Adobe Fonts and for the CC Extensibility Platform.

Out of all the projects I’ve worked on and lead, these are my highlights so far —

  • Adobe Fonts rebrand
  • Typography for Adobe’s Spectrum design system
  • Auto-activation of missing fonts in CC apps
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My priority at work is the people. To achieve our best work, we have to have psychological safety, understand the value of our work, and be nurtured to grow. With my empathetic nature and drive to set my teams up for success, I channel my inner Ted Lasso to help them believe. Driving and defining experiences for a vast audience to enable communication and creativity is so rewarding — I’m excited about building my team and appreciate opportunities to talk with people about things that matter most to them (hey, let’s chat!).

Outside my direct reports, I have tried and tested tools for getting folks to share, be vulnerable, and human across our larger team. I also focus my time on building relationships across partner teams to enable more effective collaboration. It’s much easier to align with someone on priorities and direction once you know them, even if only through a small virtual window or their adorable pets’ antics.

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Beyond people, strategy is my superpower. Uncovering the right next steps to take when there are so many possible avenues is where I thrive. I have demonstrated skills taking teams through defining a strategy through to getting all the relevant people bought into that vision. I love nothing more than tweaking (or overhauling) presentation decks to make sure we approach audiences with the best narrative for their needs — whether for high-level executives for final approval, engineers in early scoping initiatives, or anyone else who’ll listen to an early cut.

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“Don’t work for friends”

Over the past decade I’ve designed branding, websites, wedding stationery, and more for friends. You might call my style “type forward” (well probably not, but I think it sounds pretty good). Here are some examples of the projects —

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Newtown Park Brewing Company logo
Setu yoga community logo
August Wares ceramics flag icon
Table number 12, from wedding table
Newtown Park / Verdant collaborative tap room logo
CrossFit MidHudson apparel design
Photo of Dean CrossFit logo hand painted on wall in Brooklyn
Photo of Newtown Park Brewing Company beer can label designs
Photo of August Wares stamp on unfired ceramic dish
Dean CrossFit logo
Photo of wedding drinks menu
Verdant Brewing Company logo
Handmade By Jojo logo
Gym apparel design
Photo of Verdant Brewing Company brewery in Cornwall, UK
August Wares logo

More about me

I’m a serial hobbyist and am currently trying to learn the elusive art of ‘balance’. I’m nearly done with a renovation of our modified ’70s A-frame cabin with my talented wife. I like cycling, baking, reading, ceramics, CrossFit, fancy coffee, making generative art with code, and recently decided to take up skateboarding (not so good on balance yet then, pun intended).

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